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Since 2011, TESOL Drama has provided exclusive dramatic training workshops for teachers and artists in New York City; Los Angeles; Paris, France; and Florence, Italy facilitated by performing art scholars, professionals, and practitioners. We are an art education institution and conduct creative professional development workshops locally and internationally. No art or teaching experience required, just a passion for art and drama!

We can also custom design a study abroad program to supplement any teacher-education, bilingual/multicultural education, English, modern languages, art history, performing and fine arts curricula to take place in your location. 

Workshops General Overview:


TESOL Drama is an innovative professional development program designed to help teachers use drama to engage and inspire their students. We believe in the power of drama to not only captivate students, but to also promote empathy, restoration, and joy in the classroom.

We have created a variety of interactive workshops and activities to help teachers of all levels and variety of subjects to use drama to enhance their teaching practice. Through our program, teachers will be able to create a dynamic learning environment that encourages student engagement and creativity.

Our multimodal workshops use methodologies from drama and other arts such as: music, visual arts, creative writing. Participants learn fun and engaging exercises and techniques adopted from Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed, active listening and conflict resolution, jazz and theatre improvisation, creative writing, visual arts, ESL drama pedagogies, and more.


In our workshops participants have learned to:


  • Create a safe “ensemble” environment that is conducive to collaboration and creativity.

  • Demonstrate creative approaches and techniques to improve cross-cultural tensions, language barriers and improve student-teacher communication.

  • Enhance the learning and meta-cognition of one’s subject by learning how to integrate the arts and drama into curriculum to make lesson plans more fun and engaging.

  • Develop and model problem solving skills by activating more creative solutions.

  • Increase productivity in the classroom by channeling the power of the arts.

  • Acquire more leadership skills, possibilities, confidence, and overall wellness from imaginative self-expression.

  • ​Meet interesting educators and artists from all over the world!

Bring Your Classroom to Life: Learn to Teach English and Other Languages with Drama:

Erasmus + Participant, Anita Gaál-Szabó Description of Workshop Experience


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