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Professional Development At Your Location

We Can Customize a TESOL Drama Professional Development Workshop For Your Organization!

TESOL Drama professional development workshops can come to your location! No matter who our client is- whether it be a school, arts organization, small business or corporation, we can customize a creative-thinking workshop using techniques from the performing and fine arts to improve communication, learning engagement, pedagogues, or presentation and leadership skills. Professional development training certificates are included. Contact us and we will work with you to customize a workshop for your organization's needs and goals.

Contact Dr. Marisol Santana for more information:


Phone: (424) 645-7553

Workshop Description Example:

Our professional development workshops are custom designed for teachers and students of all ages, administrators, executives, and creative professionals. Each onsite workshop ranges from two hours to two days, depending on the need of the organization. It may include dramatic activities which consist of play/monologue writing, physical (but not strenuous) group activities, safe discussions, and reflection. The activities are designed to reduce stress, promote self-expression, enhance problem solving, communication, collaborative skills, build confidence, and develop creativity.

Here is an example of a four hour workshop designed for the classroom:

Hour 1: Dramatic Activities and Ensemble Building for the Multi-cultured/ESOL Classroom

Hour 2: Active Listening for ESOL conversation practice and communication skills training for teacher/student, teacher/staff, and administration relations.

Hour 3: Acting techniques, Scene-work, and Role Playing for the ESOL/Multi-cultured classroom with an emphasis on culture sensitivity and language barriers.

Hour 4: Integrating drama and the arts into lesson plans and across the curriculum.

Examples of Workshop Focus Questions:

  1. What is the universal language and how can it help us to communicate?

  2. How does drama enhance the teaching/learning of English?

  3. What dramatic techniques and activities can be used to facilitate language learning and communication?

  4. What are some potential barriers or problems that may come up in teaching drama/English to speakers of other languages?

  5. How does the practice and processes of different art forms enhance language learning and student engagement?

  6. What tools can we incorporate and modify as drama/language educators?

  7. How can character building enhance the teaching of English?

  8. What are some techniques in teaching others how to write monologues?

  9. How does the performance of individual monologues teach students about pronunciation and diction?

  10. How does role play enhance language learning, fluency, and conversational skills?

  11. How can we write and devise plays with our students?

  12. How can we create dramas for the language learner from visual art?

  13. How can we incorporate our immediate environment, community, and culture into our drama/language lessons plans?

Here is an example of a workshop designed for creative/business professionals:

Artistic Tools of Engagement for Creative Business Professionals

Large companies like Google and Zappos have attributed much of their success to the fostering of creative work environments that encourage self-expression and play as part of their corporate culture. In this 8 week course, you will learn creative tools from the arts and how to apply them to your business, organization, and personal life. Course objectives and learning outcomes include:

  • Developing advanced problem solving skills by activating more creative solutions.  

  • Learning how to facilitate more engaging employee workshops and presentations in your business or organization.

  • Increasing productivity by channeling the power of the arts.

  • Improving communication with performing arts practices.

  • Acquiring more leadership skills, possibilities, confidence, and overall wellness from imaginative self-expression.

  • Managing and working more effectively with creatives or artists on your team.

Participants will learn fun and engaging exercises and techniques from music, drama, writing, and visual art which may easily be adopted into one’s own professional practice no matter what industry. For example, tools are borrowed from art methodologies such as Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed, jazz and theatre improvisation, creative writing, and other visual and performing arts techniques (such as vision board activities, puppetry, vocal and mask work). Participants will not only be enriched by the arts, but will learn to implement creative, performance, collaborative and communicative skills gained from the course. The instructor will address individualized professional goals for each participant.    

To book a professional development workshop live or on Zoom, please contact Dr. Marisol Santana at or call (424) 645-7553

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