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TESOL Drama Workshop- Sample Syllabus Components for “Teaching English Through Drama”


Part 1: Dramatic Activities/Group Work

Focus Questions:

How does drama enhance the teaching/learning of English?

What dramatic techniques and activities can be used to facilitate language learning and communication? What are some potential barriers or problems that may come up in teaching drama/English to speakers of other languages?


Part 2: Monologue Work- Reading, Writing, Performing, Vocal/Diction

Focus Questions:

How can character building enhance the teaching of English?

What are some techniques in teaching others how to write monologues?

How does the performance of individual monologues teach students about pronunciation and diction?


Part 3: Devising Plays/Playwrighting

Focus Questions:

What kinds of plays are useful to teach/practice English?

How can we write plays with our students?

What techniques and drama methodologies can be used to create plays?

Part 4: Curriculum building, Lesson Plans, Performing, and Assessment

Focus Questions:

How can we utilize everything we have learned into English and drama curriculum and lessons plans? How do we assess our students in the arts?

What can we learn from our performances and presentations about drama and teaching?

Bring Your Classroom to Life: Learn to Teach English and Other Languages with Drama:

Erasmus + Participant, Anita Gaál-Szabó Description of Workshop Experience

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