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By the end our TESOL Drama workshop you will:

  • Have a certificate of completion/professional development credits in teaching drama for your c.v.

  • Learn how to teach your students through many creative activities using art and drama.

  • Learn how to devise and a develop a play which in turn can be taught to students.

  • Learn specific creative techniques which will make you a more effective and engaging teacher and or/artist.

  • Learn how to enhance and accelerate learning and pedagogy through creativity in the heart of New York City.

  • Improve communication and perception skills through the body and voice.

  • Visit the world's most renowned Metropolitan Museum of Art while learning how to incorporate art into lessons plans.

  • Be immersed in New York's diverse culture and network with other artists from all over the world.

Our workshop consists of dramatic activities which may include play/monologue writing, physical (but not strenuous) group activities, safe discussions, and reflection. The activities are designed to reduce stress, promote self-expression, enhance problem solving, communicative, and collaborative skills, build confidence, and develop creativity. Applied drama is not drama therapy, and does not incorporate clinical psychological/therapeutic methods. A typical workshop would begin with an introduction, breathing, and relaxation exercises so that participants become comfortable with communication and creativity. The exercises then evolve within group collaboration using the imagination, perception, voice, and body (what is called the actor’s toolbox). Workshops also include the use of multi-media arts such as painting and urban music practices. Participants may be asked to write a short story in the first person that is unique to them, then they will volunteer to share with the group within a dramatic context. They may also be asked to have partners and write a scene from a particular situation that may need a solution. They will then be asked to act out their scenes, while their peers give constructive feedback. Participants will be given time at the end to reflect as a group about what was useful for them about the workshop.

Instructors: Dr. Marisol Santana and Dr. José Angel Santana

*Workshop fee includes instruction and materials. Accommodation and transportation not included. 

*A tax deductible educational expense may be possible, check with your state and country's government tax laws. 

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