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Making Theatre with Adolescents: Listening Deeply to Young People’s Lives


INSTRUCTOR: José Angel Santana, PhD


In this class, participants will learn how to create a climate conducive to collaboration with young people in order to devise original dramatic works that promote peace in communities, resolve interpersonal conflicts, and encourage young people to value their own expressions. Drama director and educator José Angel Santana, PhD will teach his original approaches that combine deep listening, improvisation, storytelling, poetry, and role-play with the methods of conflict resolution and mediation. Participants will learn the process and activities for making theater and “community” by creating a temenos (sanctuary) where young people feel safe, valued, and gain confidence that they can contribute to society. 


“A City at Peace”

By J. Watson Jan 12, 1997, a City @ Peace adolescent participant


Time is a friend, a healer, a maker of


Time is a condolence to me.

It brings me to the point where I

can live,

Where there is joy even within the pain.

Where not all of my tears are those

of sorrows.

Here, in this place that time has

given me,

I see a mirror in others that

reflects all that is me.

Here, in this place, my sorrow is less,

Here, in this place, can our pain

come clean.

Silence is deadly, but to speak

takes a courage that not all of us



Dedicated to everyone at City @ Peace – (City & Peace was a Bravo Television Network: Theater for Social Change Award-winning Youth Theater program in Santa Barbara, California.)


José Angel Santana, PhD is a Professor of Directing Actors for Film at Columbia University Graduate Film School. He teaches his Communication Skills Training course (The Art of Connecting) for executives from the world’s leading media companies at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. His doctoral work is in the area of reaching at-risk teenagers, “Honoring Dionysus: Listening Deeply to Young People’s Lives also informs this course, as does his years of acting and directing in mainstream theater, film, and television.


Teachers: primary, secondary, vocational, adult, special needs; Teacher trainers; Careers officers, educational guides and counsellors; Headteachers; Principals; Managers of schools


*Regrettably, due to the worldwide outbreak of COVID19, all 2021 in-person workshops are currently postponed until further notice. We plan to resume as soon as it is safe to do so. We will update you as things progress. 

Florence: TBD

Berlin: TBD

Florence: TBD


Length of the course: 1 week Mon -Sat;

Course Schedule: 9:00 -  14:00 (first turn) or 14:00 - 19:00 (second turn)

Number of participants: max. 14;

Cultural activities included: City Guided Tour and 1 day Excursion;

Price: € 480,00 

To make a reservation for this course, please click here to fill out our online application

You will then receive confirmations from TESOL Drama and Europass Teacher Academy. Please do not book flights or accommodations until you receive a final confirmation from Europass Teacher Academy.

*Accommodation and airfare are not included in the price. Participants must book their own airfares. Please let us know if you need assistance with accommodation. 

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